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Monday, July 13, 2020

Fair Midway adds new thrill rides

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by The Press in Focus

Two new "spectaculars," as the largest thrill rides are referred to, are coming to the Midway at the Great Allentown Fair, Aug. 28 - Sept. 3.

Powers Great American Midways spokesman Marc Janas reported that the carnival will unveil a "beamed-out," spaceship-looking ride called "Alien Abduction" that spins passengers into such a whirl that gravity pins them against its walls.

The other new ride called "Genesis" takes a gondola full of thrill-seekers on a 360-degree spin as if they are on the end of some wild second hand on a clock.

In addition to the adrenaline rush for riders, these amusements are visually amazing, according to Janas. He noted that Powers keeps adding to its luminary count with each new addition to its carnival midway.

A giant ride like the big gondola Ferris wheel alone has close to 50,000 timed and patterned flashers.

Even the new food and games stands added this year provide fairgoers with a magnificent light show.

Janas said the Powers Midway is now up to 80 percent lit by efficient, energy-saving and brilliantly-bright LED fixtures.

Powers Great American Midways been providing rides at the Fair since 2008.

Allentown Fair spokesperson Bonnie Brosious touts Powers Midway as an "extraordinary" value.

"The ride wristband deals are beyond compare for an assembly of rides of amusement park caliber," she said.

Advance tickets redeemable at the Powers courtesy booth can be purchased now through the Fair's opening day, Aug. 28.

The carnival midway also features a variety of foods and like its rides, the stands glisten with lights. Two new ones will tempt visitors with everything from "ribbon" fries to chicken on a stick, to burgers and foot-long hot dogs.