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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Coplay column

Thursday, November 1, 2012 by AL RECKER Special to The Press in Columns

Election Day is Tuesday

With the general election just days away, Tuesday, Nov.6, it has been awfully quiet in the borough when it comes to the noise and news candidates bring to the table.

It was a fever pitch atmosphere in the largely Democratic based borough when Barrack Oboma made his run for the presidency four years ago. This Presidential election there are fewer Obama signs in the yards in town. Mitt Romney signs seem to be keeping pace with the opposition.

With the huge disparity the Democrats have over Republican registrants in the community, the party's candidates are expected to bring in large numbers, translating into wins in the borough. However, numbers most likely will be down from four years ago.

There are no local races on the ballot this year, since seats for council and the office of mayor will appear on the 2013 election ballot.

However, there is interest in the race for the 133rd state seat for the House of Representatives. Incumbent state Rep.Joseph Brennan is not on the ballot. Dan McNeill of Hokendauqua, Whitehall Township, is the Democratic candidate and David Moloney will run as a Republican. This is Moloney's second consecutive run for the state house seat.

U.S. Congressman Charlie Dent, R-15th District, is considered a heavy favorite, but not in Coplay. Dent is being challenged by Democratic candidate Rick Doherty. The race has not generated as much buzz as elsewhere.

Residents have been flooded nonetheless with campaign flyers and materials that certainly has challenged mail carriers on their routes.

With McNeill and Moloney vying for the state house seat to represent borough residents and others in the 133rd district in Harrisburg, one would think the town and Whitehall house sizable numbers of residents with Irish backgrounds.

There was former Congressman Fred Rooney who represented the borough and other communities in Washington in the 1960's. Then there was the congessman's nephew, T.J. Rooney, who fared well in several races for a state house seat that included the borough as part of the district he was representing.

Paul McHale was also successful at the polls in representing the borough as a state representative and later in Washington in the House of Representatives.

Pat Toomey, a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley, earlier served in the U.S. Congress, some remembering when he took part in the Coplay Community Days race, wearing patriotic shorts that took on the look of the American flag.

There were some who won seats in Harrisburg and represented the borough without Irish sur names, such as Julie Harhart and Frank Yandrisevits.

Finishing his second term as state representative, and not a candidate for reelection, is Joseph Brennan.

And with no mistake, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey has an Irish name and will appear on Tuesday's ballot for re-election.