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Saturday, May 30, 2020

North Catty considers curbside recycling

Thursday, November 8, 2012 by LINDA WOJCIECHOWSKI in Local News

North Catasauqua residents may be able to place items to be recycled at the curb for pickup if borough council members vote to approve a hauling contract for next year.

Council members discussed the details of a proposal for curbside recycling pickup in the borough, under consideration when the borough's trash hauling contract is up for renewal at the end of the year, at the Oct. 23 borough council meeting.

Coucilwoman Michelle Hazzard and borough Treasurer Annette Englert met with Northampton County Environmental Conservation Coordinator Tom Dittmar to discuss the options open to the borough for curbside recylcing pickup.

Currently, residents take recyclable newspapers, bottles and plastics to a Dumpster at the borough public works property on Main Street, which is open for recycling dropoff on Saturdays.

Hazzard outlined possible contract details including the provision for each home to be provied with 45-gallon containers for curbside pickup, beginnng Jan. 1.

The borough may ask for bidding from area contractors, including J.P. Mascaro & Sons, the current trash hauler, to determine if it is cost-effective to go to curbside pickup.

To be served are 1,029 homes in the borough.

Currently, 60-70 people drop off recyclable materials at the borough Dumpster on Saturdays.

A discussion about discontinuing the use of the Dumpster in conjunction with the startup of curbside pickup, some council members said there should be an overlap of one to six months, with continued use of the Dumpster to assure that all residents are using the curbside system before discontinuing the Saturday service.

Councilman William McGinley said the Dumpster should be discontinued in January.

"They [residents] shouldn't be going down there if we have home recycling," he said.

Coucilwoman Cherie Gebhardt disagreed.

"It's not a bad idea to overlap for a transition of a month or two," she said, adding that six months would be unnecessary.

Seng felt the Dumpster would be unnecessary.

"If I have a container out front, I'm not walking down to the Dumpster," he said.

One month should be fine, Councilman Yanek said.

"We have to do the advertising to make sure people know what should and should not go into [the recylcing container]," he said.

In other business, Englert reported that she met with a KNBT bank official to discuss moving the borough's accounts from Wells Fargo to KNBT.

She said a proposal will be ready for council members to review and vote on approval at the next council meeting.

Council directed her to seek information about moving accounts to a new bank when fees at Wells Fargo increased.

Councilman Mike Seng also reported that the Civil Service Commission had updated its documents, placed an ad publicizing that there is a job opening on the borough police department. Testing is scheduled for Dec. 1, and will include a written test and an agility test on that day.

Borough secretary Nancy Knecht reported that three job applications had been picked up so far.