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Monday, July 22, 2019
Press photo by linda rothrock Catty freshman Devin Greene picked up a victory against Salisbury last week in Catty's 54-15 win. Press photo by linda rothrock Catty freshman Devin Greene picked up a victory against Salisbury last week in Catty's 54-15 win.

Wrestling team easily gets by Salisbury

Thursday, December 20, 2012 by JOE ZEMBA Special to the Press in Sports

Catty improved to 3-2 overall in wrestling after defeating Salisbury 54-15 to begin the Colonial League dual season last Wednesday at the Catasauqua High School Gym.

The match began at 120. A Falcon veteran, Nico Squarcia, faced Catty newcomer Kory Mindle, r a freshman, put his head in and got the pinfall in 35 seconds.

Spencer Phillips got a forfeit win at 126.

Jacob Rusnock met Anthony Dee and for over three years this matchup has gone back and forth. Rusnock barrel-rolled Dee for two points and wrestled up on Dee's body. Catasauqua coach Mike Conner told Rusnock to keep throwing and dig it out with your wrists. Rusnock kept pressure and maintained arm control most of the first period and the Roughie wrestler hooked elbow with short time. Dee got the take down to start the second period and tried to underhook. Rusnock got an armbar. CHS coaches wanted a stalemate called on the Falcon but Rusnock went up 4-0. Rusnock was quick off the whistle to start the final period and went up 6-4 with 58 seconds to go. Both grapplers kept rolling and Dee got a reversal and back points for a 9-6 victory to win the 132 bout.

"Coach Mike conner said "We had Dee beat," said Catty head coach Mike Conner. "Jake [Rusnock] hurried his pinning combo. It's just a mental thing to work on. We're just not ready yet, not in wrestling shape still coming off football. The coaches have to be more patient with the kids until their conditioning comes around."

Freshman Devin Greene came out on the squared circle to meet Matt Heiserman and looked for an inside tie-up and wrist control. Heiserman put his temple in Greene's right ear and neither wrestler touched the mat in the first period as they displayed excellent footwork after one. Greene went from leg and worked up. Greene obtained waist control and was north-south on top of Heiserman before getting the half nelson with 20 ticks on the clock. Both wrestlers were going ear-to-ear before Devin changed the tide. Heiserman came right back and drove Greene off the mat with 36 seconds left. Greene tied him up in inner circle for a 2-0 win.

A string of forfeits hurt the Falcons from 144 to 160. Nate Doria, Aaron Felker and Eric Matz were all victors.

Zack Bradley (170) got the takedown firing out like a lineman on Tyler Waterman, then pressured forward on the shoulder. Bradley grabbed an ankle pick and was quick on the trigger and popped first on the whistle. Bradley got Waterman's wrist out of the way. Waterman had a chance to come in on the junior late in the period, but Bradley shot and got a double leg take down with short time. Waterman worked up on Bradley, went head to back, but couldn't clear Bradley's arm. In the third period the Salisbury grappler kept walking into Bradley and Bradley decisioned Waterman 5-4 after a parallel ride.

Three more forfeits in a row gave Catty the victory: Rhaine Sziy at 182, Jared Nosal at 195 and Satchell Stauffer at 220.

Jacob Schlinkmann pinned Peter Sammy at 285 mauling him in 42 seconds bullying him into a semi-cement job. The senior said, " call it the Schlink. I make it up as I go."

There was a double forfeit at 106,

A freshman, Nick Mark, was thrown up a weight to meet Zach Adams. Marks peeled Adams off him after a takedown. Adams went for and got the half nelson. The Falcon stayed up on his elbows and got Marks back for the pin at 140.

CHS won 54-15.


Catty went 2-3 at Towanda, coming in fourth out of eighth without starters Eric Matz and Tyler Trobetsk.

Junior Rhaine Sziy had a great day. Sziy went 5-0 and dominated every match at 182.

"I love wrestling at 182 because I feel I can outwrestle every opponent," Sziy said.

Junior Zack Bradley went 3-2. He lost a tough match (3-2) to a district place winner, but then beat one, 5-4.

"I can really feel the difference in weight moving up from 160 to 170," Bradley said.

Ty Kern and Nate Doria wrestled tough and each had two pins

Freshman Nick Mark (106) got his first win with a pin.

Jerry Villata, a ninth grader, went up to 220 and hip-tossed two opponents to pins. That got the team fired up.

Devin Greene, just a frosh, wrestled tough against some very good competition, which is the reason Catasauqua keeps coming back to the Dandy Don Tournament.