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Monday, July 22, 2019

Article By: JOE ZEMBA Special to the Press

Thursday, December 27, 2012 by JOE ZEMBA Special to the Press in Sports

The Rough Riders hosted the 1-0 Notre Dame of Green Pond at the Catasauqua Gym last Wednesday, and Catty improved to 7-5 overall and 2-0 in the Colonial League with a 45-33 win.

The 160 pounders began the action as Rough Rider Zack Bradley met Dean Fedrezzi with an ankle sweep. The junior achieved waist control and worked up went heavy on the head and turned Fedrezzi for a pin at 1:07.

Tyler Trobetsky kept momentum going and got a single leg takedown on Scott Maldanado. Trobetsky kept an armbar in deep going for a tilt. Maldanado escaped with 27.3 and got tight waist. The Catty junior went up 4-2 and Trobetsky got a quarter nelson to start second period and won by fall in 2:29.

"Tyler Trobetsky was hungry and looked good," Catty coach Mike Conner said

At 182, Sean Williams of Notre Dame tried to shoot hard inside. Rhaine Sziy fended off attacks to his ankles. Sziy came back with head pressure while on his feet had head and wrist control and he got a double leg take down with four seconds left in the first period. Williams had good hips and tried to stretch Sziy out in the second period, but Sziy hooked a knee and turned. Sziy squeezed and put him away in 3:18.

Josh Melendez got a forfeit win for Catty as they went up 24-0 over the Crusaders.

Excellent 220 pounder Dennis Atiyeh, who has been back and forth from Parkland High School, looks like he could go a long way in this his senior year. Atiyeh came out and used his strength advantage over Satchel Stauffer, pulled him at the wrist and went cross body for the pin in 1:14.

In a battle of heavyweights at 285, Jacob Schlinkman took on Michael Williams. There wasn't much lateral movement in this bout. Over the years they each have recorded wins.

Williams had head control while Catty's Schlinkman tried to work inside. Williams got a shot in and rolled Schlinkman for the pin in 2:11.

"Schlink got caught in a roll," Conner said. "Now we know to stay away from his waist. Hopefully next time he faces Williams is in districts and we'll be ready for him"

The next two bouts saw forfeits for each squad. At 106 Catasauqua freshman Nick Mark got the win. At 113 Crusader Jordan Belisarre got the forfeit victory.

Dominic Fonte got a head lock and pin over CHS sophomore Spencer Phillips in 19 ticks of the clock.

But, Roughie Ty Kern made short work of Preston Weidner getting take down and control of waist for 45 seconds on a tilt. It proved to be the winning bout of the match, giving the Roughies a lead of 36-18.

Jacob Rusnock shot and scored over David Reif at 132, then held Reif's hands tight. Rusnock went heavy on his back for 1:11 pin.

Devin Greene wrestled NDGP's Seever Hoyak and took him three periods. Greene tried to fight off Hoyak's shots and got taken down at 45 seconds. Hoyak got an armbar and went up 2-0. Greene lost his hand control, got to his base and tried to scoot his hips away and escaped at 59 seconds and trailed 4-1 after two periods. In the third period, Hoyak had Greene's back.

Conner said, "It was a nice job by a freshman not to get pinned."

Reese Cornish snapped Nate Doria's head down at 1:35 of the first period. Cornish crossed face, then went ankle. Cornish went up 2-0 after one, and in the second period Cornish used a shrug. Doria had his chances to score but Cornish extended his lead to 7-2. Cornish took control in the third period and got the pin for Notre Dame at 5:19.

In the last bout of the night at 152 it took Catty senior Casey Simmons three periods to win his bout with Michael Reif. Reif broke out of a cradle and Simmons went up 2-0 after two periods. Simmons got a takedown with 1:48 left in the last period and went head to the knee, got up on his toes and ran it, and went up 4-0. Simmons thought he had Reif pinned but settled for a 7-0 decision.

Catty next wrestles in Berwick and begins the day with Dallas High School.