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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mummies dearest at Musikfest

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 by REBEKAH HAWK Special to The Press in Focus

Here Come The Mummies (HCTM), one of most incognito bands in rock, performs at 9:30 p.m. Aug. 9, Americaplatz, Musikfest.

Get ready to rock like an Egyptian because these performers are no joke, although they're antics are far from lifeless.

The sound of their music is surprisingly uplifting and Java Mummy, vocals and percussion, explains it to a T when he says in a recent phone interview, "We are mummies full of life and libido. Our music is a celebration of that."

The group dresses up on stage in elaborate mummy garments and uses stage names. The band describes its sound as " Funk and B." Some of HCTM's song you may hear include "Chaperone" and "Petting Zoo."

According to Java, who jokes that he was born in 1974 -- B.C, "I'm a lover not a fighter, and despite being dead, I have the insatiable urge to get down."

Adds Java, "We have been playing music together since our mummy-inducing curse. We were a nomadic musical tribe that swam in the wrong pharaoh's gene pool. He cursed us. We woke up as mummies."

As the mummies humorously reflect upon their ancient history, they like to inform their fans that they were discovered in the desert by Professor Nigel Quentin Fontenelle Dumblucke IV (1895-1973). He described them as "Terrifying Funk From Beyond The Grave." That became the title of their 2002 debut album.

"Our favorite part about being in the band," says Java, "are the dancing ladies.

"History is history. Fun is what we're all about," he says.