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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Catasauqua Borough reorganizes for 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Since 2014 was not a local election year, most appointed positions in the borough remain the same.

Council President remains Vincent Smith; Vice-President remains Jessica Kroope.

Committee assignments on council remain the same as well.

While some municipalities reorganize assignments and appointments annually, Catasauqua only re-evaluates council assignments after an election has occurred.

However, there are assignments and appointments that need to be made for terms expiring in 2014.

At the Jan. 5 meeting, the council made a series of appointments for the near term. Most of the appointments were to existing office holders.

For boards and commissions, council appointed residents to various positions.

Janice Lathrop was reappointed to the vacancy board for 2015. The Vacancy board is used sparingly to break tie votes among council members. The board has not been called upon in recent years.

The borough authority has oversight responsibilities for the borough's water and sewer operation. Harvey Emert and Dennis Kisthart were reappointed to five-year terms. They will serve until December 2020.

The zoning hearing board reviews applications for interpretations of the zoning code as it applies to a specific project. Decisions of this board are legally binding. Council reappointed Todd Richards to a term expiring December 2018. Richards is presently the zoning board chair. There are three standing members of the board and two alternates.

The code hearing board reviews and recommends changes to local codes. Jay Miller was reappointed and will serve on the board until September 2018.

Karen Scheirer, a registered nurse, was reappointed to the board of health for a term expiring December 2020.

In other action, the council reappointed Richard Hertzog as fire chief. Hertzog presented council with a list of fire department officers and driver/operators for 2015 and the council approved all of Hertzog's recommendations.

Council members also approved retaining the Pidcock Company as the borough's engineering firm and agreed to the rate schedule presented.

Council also agreed to a proposal for auditing its records for the year ending December 2014. In conjunction with the annual record audit, the borough will dispose of certain outdated records that qualify for destruction under state guidelines.

Members selected Sanctuary at Haafsville, a "no kill" shelter, for animal control purposes.

Councilman Brian McKittrick authorized the purchase of a new police vehicle.

"We are standardizing on the Police Interceptor so that we can move equipment from one vehicle to another efficiently," he said "It will still cost money to make the move, but it should be less expensive."