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Saturday, August 17, 2019

FedEx megahub negotiations continue

Thursday, April 23, 2015 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Final draft of agreement still not complete

Solicitor Jackson Eaton responded to queries from Hanover Council members at their meeting on April 15. Eaton is working closely with Attorney Joseph Fitzpatrick to iron out the legal language on an agreement that will allow the proposed FedEx warehouse project to begin in Allen Township. Fitzpatrick represents the Rockefeller Group, the lead developer for the FedEx project.

International shipping giant FedEx proposed to build a million-square-foot warehouse in Allen Township. Supervisors approved preliminary plans last August. Although Hanover is not directly involved in the project, all truck traffic from the proposed warehouse would pass through the township on its way to and from Route 22. Hanover is in active negotiations with Allen Township and the project's developer to ensure that Hanover's concerns are addressed. The final draft of the agreement between the parties involved is not completed.

Allen Township and the developer asked Hanover officials to begin concurrent negotiations on sewer connections for the project. Eaton asked that any further negotiations be delayed until a basic agreement on terms and conditions is reached between Hanover, Allen Township and the developer.

Allen Township's representative at the meeting was disappointed in the decision.

In other news, the township is advertising the sale of a 2006 Ford Escape used as a code enforcement vehicle. A new vehicle is purchased and ready for delivery.

"We expect to get a good price for the vehicle," Hanover Public Works Director Jeffry Mouer said. "The township has a good reputation for properly maintaining its vehicles."

Mouer also reported the township parks are open and the water level at Lake Hanover is acceptable. The lake had developed a sinkhole that was repaired earlier in the year. The sinkhole drained the lake over the coldest months.

Council authorized the public works department to purchase a new leaf collector. The existing 25-year-old machine is on the market. Mouer asked council to approve the new purchase now because new environmental requirements will diminish the engine's effectiveness. The new emissions technology requires more fuel, but the new regulations for purchase made later this year serve as a catalyst to purchase something now rather than wait until after the new rules go into effect. The township expects that the new machine will have a 25-year life.

Fire Chief Robin Yoder brought the township's new ladder truck to the meeting for a demonstration. The million-dollar vehicle is equipped with the latest technology. The ladder, fully extended, was enough to trigger a visit from airport operations personnel because it could distract pilots approaching the runway.

Last year the township hosted a luncheon for the Pennsylvania State Police on the anniversary of their founding. The state police provide police services to the township. This year, the state police barracks has declined the offer, citing a new directive from Gov. Tom Wolf that they should not take gratuitous gifts of any kind. The state police did not extend an invitation to the township to attend their anniversary ceremony, citing the same reasoning.