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Friday, July 10, 2020
Shannon Gallagher, shown last season playing third base, has made the switch to catcher. Shannon Gallagher, shown last season playing third base, has made the switch to catcher.

Gallagher living up to task as catcher

Thursday, April 23, 2015 by JEFF MOELLER Special to the Press in Sports

In her two years in the Catasauqua softball program, Shannon Gallagher previously has been in challenging situations.

Last season as a freshman, she played third base and proved to be an integral part of the program with several key plays and hits.

This season, Gallagher took over behind the plate for four-year starter Janae Matos. Needless to say, Gallagher was confronted with a tall task. Yet, she initially has undertaken her new encounter with a patient stride.

"Janae (Matos) was such a big part of our team last year," noted Gallagher. "She has big shoes to fill. But I do have some catching experience and I am trying my best at it right now. I started catching a couple of years ago and then played some third.

"I know the whole process will take some time."

In the early going, Gallagher continues to fine tune the techniques and basics of the game.

"The biggest thing is to take control of the field," she said. "It was something that Janae (Matos) did well, and I am slowly getting the hand of it. But there isn't that much of a difference from grade school to high school for me because I have been playing tournament ball.

"In the first game I caught this year, I was a little nervous. I also have to work on my relationship with our pitchers. Yet, I know I can do it because I'm confident, and they can see that about me out there."

Her coach has seen a positive beginning on her new venture.

"Shannon (Gallagher) has been doing a wonderful job at catcher for us," said Roughies head coach Bobby Thomas. "She has had a positive influence and has been a good run producer for us."

Gallagher began playing softball at the age of six and her love and growth has taken an upward spiral. She seemingly has little time for any other interests along the way.

Along with softball, Gallagher is involved with the Varsity C and SADD clubs along with being a member of the school's Student Council.

As for the present, Gallagher envisions her club staying on the penthouse level it has reached the past few seasons with some fine-tuning ahead.

"We definitely need to get more of a killer instinct we had last year," she said. "We all need to play with some more heart and get more intense. Our offense has been struggling, but we need to keep our defense strong.

"I believe we know what we have to do to be successful this year."

There is also a good chance Gallagher will be one of the focal points of their success.