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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Catty deals with winter weather woes

Thursday, January 28, 2016 by paul cmil Special to The Press in Local News

Parking, traffic congestion and snow removal are addressed at meeting

The snow emergency declared by Mayor Barbara Schlegel remains in effect at least past the workshop meeting held on Monday.

“I can’t give you a time that the emergency will be lifted. I will consult with public works before I make a decision,” she said. Public works Director Jeff Mac-Hose mentioned the obvious several times – it is much easier to get roads cleared when there are no parked cars.

“We have so much snow now that we have no place to put it,” he said.

The crux of the problem for Schlegel and for public works is getting rid of the snow, which is why the emergency ban is still in effect on Monday.

There are some notable problems, including the snow pile outside of Catty Corner, the daycare business on Limestone Street and some side streets that are just blocked.

MacHose said his employees will start moving snow, giving some residents relief from the headache of trying to find parking.

The mayor, Police Chief Douglas Kish and borough Manager Eugene Goldfeder emphasized a point.

“It certainly isn’t neighborly when someone takes a clear curbside space, but it is not legal to save a space that you cleared,” Goldfeder said.

A point of some concern is the congestion around Sheckler Elementary School.

“Parents are there dropping off kids, and they tie up traffic along the street, making it impossible for someone to get by,” MacHose explained.

There are obvious non-mechanical solutions to the problem, but rearranging the drop-off point to be more considerate of other residents is a consideration. Schlegel and Goldfeder will get with the school district to discuss options.

According to Councilwoman Jessica Kroope, the problem exacerbated itself when the school changed the traffic pattern around the administration building on the school’s campus.

In other action, Councilman Brian McKittrick posed a long-standing problem. Some houses in the borough do not have proper house numbers.

“The complaint comes from the ambulance service because some of the numbers are not visible. It’s a safety issue for the borough,” he said.

Goldfeder will send out notifications to all residents with the next water bill explaining the parameters. After the notice, violators will be cited.

At the Feb. 1 council meeting, council will look at new ordinances to allow craft brewing at restaurants and taverns in the borough.

Also, an ordinance will be introduced to define the waterfront district, which will include the Iron Works project.