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Friday, July 10, 2020

Hanover program on heroin problem set

Thursday, July 21, 2016 by paul cmil Special to The Press in Local News

Township seeks information on breaking the cycle of addiction

Hanover Township Councilman Bob Heimbecker suggested at a recent council meeting that the township ask the local state police barracks to plan a conference on heroin abuse in the area.

“We need to get some facts, Heimbacker said at the July 6 council meeting.

“Much of the rhetoric around now is politically motivated,” he said. “We are interested in the facts and what is being done.”

The state police had visions of a program to keep the community informed, so Captain Brian Tobin accelerated his program after hearing of the township’s interest.

The township booked the Day’s Inn conference center. The event is scheduled for Sept. 14. The time and details of the speaker roster will be announced and posted as they are developed.

“We expect people will come from other communities. This is a Lehigh Valley issue and a national issue,” Heimbacher said. “We need to know how it is being addressed and what steps we need to take to break the cycle of addiction.”

Also at the meeting, Boy Scout Nicholas Horn of Troop 150 attended the meeting to earn a merit badge. Council invited him to sit at the podium and observe the proceedings. Horn was impressed with the reception he received and walked away with a better understanding of small town administration.

Horn was also invited by staff members to come by for a more detailed view of the township’s operations.

In other business, Township Engineer Albert Kortze reported substantial completion on the sewer project in Chestnut Grove area.

“We encountered an undocumented water line and a few other problems,” he said.

The tennis court in Sherwood Park is complete and waiting for a seasoning period before it is opened to the public.

Also at the meeting, it was announced Hanover Township and the Catasauqua School District have agreed on a new tax value for the Red Roof Inn. The value was increased from $3,829,400 to $4,300,000, following the private sale of the building. The new owner has agreed to the change.

Heimbecker closed the meeting questioning some of the information in state Sen. Lisa Boscola’s latest newsletter, referring to the new FedEx hub’s effect on the community and job growth.

He also noted plans to widen Route 22 are not scheduled until 2022.

“We will be in a mess until action is taken on Route 22,” he said.