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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cat shelter is on Feb. 6 council agenda

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 by Paul cmil Special to The Press in Local News

The issue of how many cats should be allowed in a house located in a residential zone will be discussed at Monday’s Catasauqua Borough Council meeting.

Before the council’s workshop meeting Jan. 30, borough Manager Eugene Goldfeder sent members of council a memo discussing negotiations with Feline Finish Line.

The cat shelter provides services to stray cats. The cats stay at a residential property in Catasauqua and are adopted out at local pet stores.

Zoning ordinances do not allow a cat shelter to be located in a residential area.

The nonprofit appealed at a Catasauqua zoning hearing, where zoners ruled the residence should be limited to housing 10 cats.

Feline Finish Line is now expected to ask borough council to step in and allow 26 cats to be on the premises at one time.

The house is geared to handle the cats, and there are plenty of volunteers to assist.

In his memo, Goldfeder did not offer his position, but borough Solicitor Jeffrey Dimmich did comment.

“I don’t think we should be negotiating after we have already been through an appeal,” he said at the meeting.

The topic is expected to be on the Feb. 6 council meeting agenda.

In other news, the borough is gearing up for a scheduled bridge replacement on Race Street.

The bridge over Catasauqua Creek is part of the state’s fast-track bridge repair program. Construction is scheduled for April through October.

Council will be asked to approve the relocation of PPL poles to facilitate construction. PPL worded its request to include location of communications facilities. This was assumed to refer to cable and phone equipment; however, Dimmich indicated it could allow for a cell tower. He will clarify the language before the council vote.

The poles will be on the fireman’s training field, which will no longer be used by the fire department. The fire tower at the field will eventually be torn down.