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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by The Press in Opinion

Cat owner questions officer’s promotion

To the Editor:

We just read the Catasauqua Press Feb. 23 article about the new animal control policy in North Catasauqua. It sounds wonderful and would have helped our little Sugar.

Funny, though, how the borough never asked or tried to get any community involvement on the matter. My family for sure has some great ideas. They didn’t even have the courtesy to say anything to us about this upcoming policy change. This could’ve been a measure of good faith between the borough and its residents. We never even got an informal apology from the borough or the officer in question.

Upon looking at what was printed, it seems like the policy is not being specific enough and only looking to keep its officers out of the courtroom. So it seems they passed the new rule to save face in the public eye.

We have talked with some residents who are still in disbelief about what this officer got away with. I was told anonymously that I shouldn’t ever expect any apology.

They have since rewarded Officer Pursell for his fabulous decision-making skills by making him a full-time officer. Unbelievable! But hey, when you are neighbors with current council member Keglovits, it’s all about who ya know, right?

Their reasoning was that he was already doing the job and trained. Not very well, in my eyes, if he’s opening fire and killing a cat in a resident’s backyard. Seems like saving a few bucks on hiring someone who is qualified and who can make common-sense decisions is more important than the safety of the borough residents and its beloved pets.

We are glad we don’t live there anymore. We decided to move last October. What a shame — I grew up in the Catty/North Catty area, and now we are sickened by seeing how most of the borough council, staff and mayor turn a blind eye to legitimate complaints by its residents. Even at the county level, Assistant District Attorney Jim Augustine threw in the towel for Pursell at the court hearing. It’s a perfect example of how the system looks out for itself.

We would like to see a more in-depth outline of the proper protocol and steps now required before any severe action would need to be taken, so the residents of the borough know the expectations for the borough and the officer on scene. We are also open to sharing our ideas to help with this matter.

Well, this is a start. Maybe other boroughs will seek to address this issue in the future.

Tom and Crystal Newhart