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Saturday, June 23, 2018
Construction work continues on the municipal building at the Iron Works site in Catasauqua.PRESS PHOTO BY MARK RECCEK Construction work continues on the municipal building at the Iron Works site in Catasauqua.PRESS PHOTO BY MARK RECCEK

Catasauqua sets dedication date for new building

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Although there were rumors of different dates, at its May 22 workshop session Catasauqua council announced its target date for dedicating the borough’s new municipal building. The dedication date is Sept. 16.

“It will be a celebration, and we will have tours of the building,” Councilwoman Christine Weaver said. “There will be a live band, food trucks and events for kids.”

The date was pushed forward to make sure it did not conflict with summer plans.

A lot of changes are contemplated in the business district. Front Street will be two way, Bridge Street will be extended into the Iron Works site, and parking in the business district will be altered.

Prior to the workshop, the council held a special meeting to take action on the 2017 curb cut program.

“The cost of the curb cuts increased,” borough Manager Eugene Goldfeder said. “We have been paying $3,000, and now the cost is up to $6,000. I checked around, and other municipalities are experiencing the same cost increase.”

The problem for the borough is curb cuts were budgeted based on the $3,000 cost.

“We have $45,000 between the county funds and our set-aside ... the cost of the project is $78,000,” Goldfeder said.

Restrictions on CDBG funds do not allow the scope of work to be reduced by more than 15 percent.

“If we reduce the scope of the project, we would be around $65,000. We would need to come up with $20,000,” he said.

The other option is to rebid the project with a smaller scope, but the process may take too long. Curb cuts must be completed by the end of August.

Another option is to forgo the funds and re-look at curb cuts in 2019. CDBG funds for 2018 are already committed.

Council decided to go with the first option. Goldfeder will look for ways to squeeze $20,000 out of this year’s budget.

Also at the meeting, Goldfeder identified a problem with a sewer line connection. The sewer line from the new municipal building is slated to connect to the main 24-inch-diameter main. The contractor noted the line is cracked (the large main is clay pipe installed more than five decades ago.) The crack is above the service line, so there is no environmental damage. The line needs to be repaired.

There are three options on the table. Goldfeder will make a recommendation after a detailed review.

Goldfeder asked for a $4,300 change order for the water fountains at the new municipal building. Apparently, the specifications called for the building’s two water fountains to be installed without chillers. Councilman Brian Councilman Brian Bartholomew speculated that $2,000 for cold water seemed expensive, but the council voted to install the chillers.