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Monday, September 24, 2018

Borough in search of artifacts

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Public display at Catasauqua’s new municipal building is in the works

At Catasauqua Borough Council’s workshop session Sept. 25, Councilman Brian Bartholomew suggested the borough take an inventory of artifacts to help tell the history of Catasauqua.

“I have plenty of things that I think would be something of interest,” he said.

According to Councilwoman Christine Weaver, the borough plans to have an exhibit at the new municipal building where historic items can be displayed.

“The idea is to have the items in a display case so that visitors to the municipal building could view them,” she said.

Bartholomew had no problem with having his items on display.

“I want to be assured that I will get them back,” he said.

The borough also plans to add artwork to the bare walls. Mayor Barbara Schlegel discussed getting some original water colors from the high school. The borough will look for donations of art from residents. Weaver will set up an art selection committee to review amateur artwork.

In other business, council President Vincent Smith is spearheading a project for the skate park at the Catasauqua Park & Playground. He wants to add a quarter-pipe obstacle to the park. The borough has some money allocated, but according to Councilwoman Jessica Kroope, there is not enough in the budget to make the purchase. Smith said he will look into the details and see if existing funds can be rolled into next year.

Trick-or-treat night in the borough is set for Oct. 27.

Catasauqua resident Mike Smith and his family stage an elaborate haunted house on their property every year. It takes a day to set it up, Smith said, and it is difficult to get enough help to accomplish it on a weekday. Schlegel suggested a special day on Saturday for the haunted house tour.

Two events are scheduled for Nov. 11. There will be a veterans dedication at the American Legion post. Also, the borough fire department will host an open house at the new fire station at the municipal complex. A firefighters memorial will be dedicated that afternoon.