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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Armstrong, Osborne seek executive seat in Lehigh County

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 by KELLY LUTTERSCHMIDT and DEBRA PALMIERI; in Local News

Two candidates are seeking to be elected to a four-year term as Lehigh County executive in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

The Press asked the candidates the following question: What would be your first priority if elected Lehigh County executive?

Their responses follow.


As Lehigh County executive, I will first develop open communications with the board and all departments. I will work hard on building a strong regional economy that attracts first-rate employers to our region.

I will partner with our colleges, local municipalities, labor unions and school districts to provide a sensible and regional process to solving government problems.

I will preserve our public services, including Cedarbrook nursing home, to keep a strong safety net for our citizens. I will work hard to preserve farmland and defend labor, while keeping taxes down and bond ratings high — as I have done in Whitehall.


My first priority would be to develop a first-of-its-kind five-year strategic plan and financial projection for Lehigh County. This can be accomplished by assembling a team of leaders to implement innovative change in government, ensuring excellence in service while reducing the tax burden on our working families and seniors.

I will collaborate with other elected officials, department heads, employees, businesses and residents to make this everyone’s plan.

Done well, this plan will identify and address our community’s most pressing needs and focus resources to have the greatest impact in these areas.