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Monday, January 21, 2019
Contributed photoThis IconX heated vest would make an ideal gift for the sportsman or sportswoman be if for hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking even winter golfing. Contributed photoThis IconX heated vest would make an ideal gift for the sportsman or sportswoman be if for hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking even winter golfing.

Gift ideas for your favorite sportsmen

Friday, December 15, 2017 by nick hromiak Special to the Press in Sports

It’s that time of year when relatives and friends want to treat sportsmen and sportswomen with holiday gifts. These folks are the toughest to buy for as many items are personal be it equipment or clothing. As such, here’s a few universal things to consider that should delight these special folks.

FISHING: A 2018 fishing license would be a welcome gift for anyone. Shoppers who don’t wish to visit a local tackle shop to buy one, merely go to where a one, three, five or 10-year licenses can be purchased online.

HARRISBURG OUTDOOR SHOW: Formally called the Great American Outdoor Show at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex, has opened its ticket sales for the Feb. 3-11 show where over 1,100 exhibitors will display their new products along with outfitters, entertainment shows and more. Buying an advanced ticket(s) will save time of not having to stand in line to get in. There are also discounted late afternoon tickets being offered. And If you purchase a new NRA Membership online, you’ll get a free show ticket. To purchase, go to and click on the show’s logo.

CLOTHING: Be it for hunting, fishing (especially ice fishing), skiing, hiking, even cold weather golfing, ICONX’s Heated Core Vest could solve your cold weather shivers. This 7.4V battery-operated vest features carbon-fiber heating elements that stretch across the midsection in the front, kidney area in the back and base of the neck but the heat is actually distributed throughout the garment so your core stays warm. The vest features three heat levels and when turned on it automatically goes to the highest level heat setting. Once it reaches the highest temp, it drops to the medium setting or you can set the heat setting to whatever you prefer. The battery will last approximately six hours depending upon use and heat settings. For more information check

TRAIL CAMERAS: While trail cameras have become popular and more technically advanced, Cuddeback upped the technology to the next level with their CuddeLink system. The new system allows up to 15 cameras, spread out up to 4 miles depending on terrain or 1/2 mile in dense forests, to automatically send photos to a home camera. When one camera clicks a photo, it instantly sends it to a home camera at your location be it at your home or designated location so you don’t have to intrude upon your hunting area. There’s no cell service or Wi-Fi service required. It’s a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to daisy chain and communicate with each other allowing you to check the photo card at your central location. A cell connected system is coming in 2018. For more information check

CROSSBOWS: If there’s one drawback to crossbows, it’s cocking them, especially if they don’t have an integrated cocking device. But the Allen Company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, has debuted their SLIDEGLIDE crossbow cocking sled that fits a multitude of crossbows. Allen’s device uses the crossbow’s rail groove as a track to guide the cocking sled up and down the length of the rail. It employs, says Allen, a self-aligning guide spring system that runs along the side of the crossbow rails to keep the sled perfectly aligned during movement and cocking easy. For added info go to If your gift receiver has a crossbow, this device would be appreciated.

If none of this is suitable, a gift card from Cabela’s, Dick’s or local sports shops, will allow them to get what they need to make their outdoors pursuits a more enjoyable experience.