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Monday, January 21, 2019
Bradley set to close out hoop season Bradley set to close out hoop season

Bradley set to close out hoop season

Thursday, February 1, 2018 by Jeff moeller Special to the Press in Sports

Will continue track career at Bucknell

Every time she leaves the floor, Kenzie Bradley knows she can leave somewhat content.

“I tend to expect the least,” said the senior. “Whatever happens, happens. I usually can be content. I just try and do my best and whatever happens, I’ll be happy.”

Bradley is one of five seniors who soon will end their careers in the Catasauqua girls’ basketball program.

Over the past four seasons, Bradley has played literally every position on the floor, this season spending the bulk of her time as a post player for the Roughies, who are undersized as a team. She also developed as a point guard in the system.

Despite the lack of size, expectations were on the rise for the Roughies. Unfortunately, they struggled and Catty will enter play with their final two games and a 4-16 overall record.

“It’s been kind of rough,” said Bradley, who has been the team’s leading scorer throughout the year. “It has been a little frustrating for the older girls, but the younger girls are getting better. It is not only about wins and losses.

“We went to watch the middle school team, and they have a bright future.”

Bradley realizes her competitive basketball career will soon come to an end, a venture she began at two years of age. She still likes to spend endless hours shooting on her driveway.

“I know it will be difficult because this is something I have done my entire life,” she said. “I absolutely love basketball. I play for the love of the game. I know that I will be OK, though. It is just something that has to end.”

However, Bradley will extend a budding track and field career at Bucknell University next fall. Bradley initially played softball, but she joined the Roughies’ track program and never looked back. In recent years, she has excelled in the jumps as well as being a vital part in the program’s successful 4 x 100 relay team.

Bradley already feels comfortable with her new setting.

“I have communicated with the team already,” said Bradley. “They started a group chat and it has been cool. It has been a great way to know everyone. It is great to know that I am part of the team.

“I’ll be going out there soon for a day, and then go out once school ends.”

Head coach Ed Seidick had appreciated her various contributions.

“Kenzie is an amazing young woman who just happens to also be a very gifted athlete,” said Seidick. “She has been my floor leader for four years and watching her grow and mature has been very rewarding. Kenzie has a determination and competitiveness that will serve her very well at Bucknell and they are lucky to have her.

“She has battled injuries all year and has also dealt with being the main focus of all of our opponents for her entire high school career. That is a tough challenge for any kid, but Kenzie has handled herself very well.”

Even though the losses have far outnumbered the wins, Bradley always appreciated the environment.

“All of the coaches have really helped me since my freshman year,” said Bradley. “When Coach (Emily) Biechy was here, she was a mother to all of us. Coach Seidick and I didn’t always agree on everything. But he always has looked out for me and I love what he has done for me.

“Coach Seremula has been great and he is the typical assistant coach He cares for all of us and does all the little things.

“Overall, it has been a great experience for me.”