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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Repair required at pool

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

No money in borough budget for fix

At Catasauqua Borough’s regular meeting March 5, council discussed an issue at the municipal pool. The Catasauqua Creek wall along the pool has failed and needs to be rebuilt. Public works Director Jeff MacHose estimated costs for the rebuild at $175,000.

The borough does not have the money for the capital improvement. There are potential Community Development Block Grant funds for the deck, but an unsupported deck is of questionable value.

MacHose made a suggestion that the borough close the pool and use the ongoing maintenance costs to fund the wall.

Borough Manager Eugene Goldfeder estimates closing the pool would provide $100,000 toward the project. Mac- Hose emphasized the pool is two decades away from its last major overhaul. The pool is due for another renovation.

“It leaks badly. The slide has been repaired. It just needs to be updated,” he said.

Council was impressed with the solution, though it might be too late to close the pool and start renovations this year.

In other business, borough Engineer Ronald Gawlik reported to council that he is ready to do a final closeout on the Iron Works site. As Gawlik indicated, there is much in the plans for improvements of Catasauqua’s business district.

“We are working on plans for street lighting improvements. The locations are tricky because we are trying to achieve maximum lighting along sidewalks,” he said.

Pidcock presented options last year and is now finalizing the plan. The firm is also looking at the traffic signal at Front and Pine streets.

Gawlik confirmed the Race Street bridge replacement project scheduled to begin in April is postponed until July.

Councilman Brian Bartholomew expressed his concern over stormwater runoff from the airport. According to Bartholomew, the airport built a swale that was designed to control the runoff, but it is not working.

“When we had the heavy rains, the airport was pumping water out of the swale, but they were pumping right at a home where there are known water problems,” he said.

Stormwater control is a new issue with the state, and these problems are being addressed under the state’s MS4 plan. Federal facilities, like the airport, are required to comply with MS4 standards.

Council passed a resolution that will ask churches to remove handicapped parking signs that reserve spaces during Sunday services. Police Chief Douglas Kish claims these signs violate borough code. According to Kish, the restrictions cannot be enforced. As a compromise, churches will be allowed to have temporary signs that reserve spots for handicapped parishioners. However, the temporary signs will not be enforceable either.

In other action, the borough is contemplating selling the old borough hall to the housing authority.