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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Catty resident complains about impounded car

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

During Catasauqua Borough Council’s March 26 workshop meeting, Raymond Filozof took to the podium with a complaint against UGI’s aggressive policies.

According to Filozof, who has a home at 339 Howertown Road, he arrived March 22 at his residence and saw a posted sign indicating road construction “Mon-Fri 6A to 4P.” On Friday, March 23, his truck was towed and impounded.

“When somebody puts up a sign like that, you assume they mean the following week,” he said.

According to Police Chief Douglas Kish, if the vehicle is in the way, the police can impound it.

Solicitor Jeffery Dimmich indicated that utilities have separate rules on placement of signs and ability to remove vehicles. He said some manner of redress might be available, but it would be through the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.

Filozof contends UGI exceeded its authority by towing his truck.

“They should at least be required to post what the days are,” he said.

According to Filozof, UGI had stopped digging at 337 Howertown Road and his truck, parked at 339 Howertown Road, was not blocking construction. He reported that the crews worked Monday and Tuesday but did not work again that week.

Councilman Brian McKittrick noted that it had snowed during that period.

Filozof’s truck was towed by Biery’s Port, a company owned by Council President Vincent Smith. Filozof did not indicate if he paid the associated fine.

In other action, council will vote on moving forward with a multimodal transportation grant to be used for improvements at Iron Works.

Councilwoman Christine Weaver said the proposed Quality of Life ordinance would be on the agenda for next meeting, set for April 2. This ordinance will ticket offenders for trash, high weeds and various other societal problems that do not fit standard norms.

After the meeting, members of council were joined by numerous residents to honor borough Manager Eugene Goldfeder, who is retiring at the end of April. Goldfeder was treated to a party as friends celebrated his years of service.

The lobby of the municipal building will be dedicated to remember Goldfeder’s legacy with the borough.