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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Raysely continues to help lead the Roughies Raysely continues to help lead the Roughies

Raysely continues to help lead the Roughies

Thursday, May 3, 2018 by Jeff moeller Special to the Press in Sports

For Corey Raysely, it is all about getting to first base and beyond.

Raysely is one of a handful of seniors on the Roughies’ roster this spring, and he sees the transition phase of the team mainly with their pitching.

With a reduced ability in power in their lineup, Raysely and his teammates knew they needed a different approach.

“Being the young team that we are, we need to do everything in our power to generate runs,” said Raysely. “We have turned to some small ball to do that.

“We didn’t come out the gate the way we wanted to early. The seniors got together to help change the working environment. It has paid off for us. We broke a four-game skid, but we have been struggling again.

“Getting on base is my main focus every time I am at bat.”

Raysely has been among the team leaders in hits, runs, walks, and stolen bases. He has been a table setter at the top of the lineup, but the shortstop also has found himself in many spots in the lineup.

Head coach Steve Bradley realizes Raysely’s contributions on and off the field.

“Corey (Raysely) has been a leader for us,” said Bradley. “When he gets on first, he wants to go. He can make a lot of things happen with his speed and contact. He has been a big influence on the younger players.

“Corey has worked his game over the years, and he has developed into a steady contributor and pivotal player for us.”

Being it was his senior season, Raysely took a slightly different approach to his game after the football season.

“In the offseason, I worked on a lot, whether it was in the weight room or in the gym with coach Bradley,” said Raysely. “Another big difference is that this will be the last season that I will be wearing the brown and white.

“We seniors want to give everything we have day in and day out to make the community proud and set a good example for the underclassmen.”

Raysely isn’t sure about any college plans, but baseball likely will be in the future.

“’My future plans as of now are uncertain,” said Raysely. “I should have the opportunity to continue my baseball career at the next level, but my career path is still uncertain.”

Until that happens, Raysely certainly will be blazing his own path on the bases for the Roughies.