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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hanover will record meetings

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

At Hanover Township Council’s regular meeting May 16, Chairman Bruce Paulus announced that council meetings would be recorded.

“We are doing it primarily so we have accurate minutes,” he said.

Some townships have the audio portion of the meetings available to the public, but no decision was made on releasing the recordings to an at-large audience.

Township Manager Christopher Garges gave the latest update on road improvements.

“PennDOT is expecting the improvements will be done by October,” he said. “There is no word on FedEx opening their warehouse early; although, there is some talk that the warehouse could have a soft opening in August.”

Council members were skeptical about an October completion date.

“PennDOT said they have their A team on the job,” Garges commented.

The projected early FedEx opening solicited more than a few comments.

“This was an irresponsible truck plan from the beginning. Opening before all the improvements are in is going to cause a backup at Route 22. You can’t reduce traffic down to a single access lane and not expect a problem,” Councilman Bob Heimbecker said.

Council agreed with the assessment and will let PennDOT know its concerns.

“This is not something new. It was part of our discussions from the beginning,” Solicitor Jackson Eaton said.

Council is more than dissatisfied with the repair work done on Troxell Street. Two council members live on the street.

“The patch is below the level of the road, and there is a gap between the patch and the saw cut,” Councilman Curtis Wegfahrt said.

Council anticipated the repairs would follow the standard repair procedure.

“We were looking for something like we have on Hoover,” he said.

Township Engineer Albert Kortze said he would look into the matter.

There were changes to the standard procedure based on a pragmatic analysis of the roadway. The plan has been to allow the roadway to settle before putting a finish coat on the whole cartway.

“We filled the holes with a coarser base because we knew we would be coating the whole road once it settled out,” Kortze said.

Troxell Street has been the victim of water breaks and poor subsoils for years. The goal of this round of repairs is to stabilize the road and prevent a reoccurrence of collapsing macadam.

Garges met with Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority to discuss plans for development around the airport. There was an open session May 10 to describe proposed developments for the future. According to Garges, new plans propose an additional entrance to the airport. Development would take place in what was formerly the economy parking lot. The goal is to keep additional traffic confined to airport grounds.

Improvements for Sherwood Park are on delay. Weather has caused a myriad of jobs to back up for the contractor. He asked for and received a delay until after the Memorial Day holiday.

Council passed a measure to give easements to PennDOT for utilities work along Race Street. There was some thought the additional land might not be needed, but difficulties with utility rearrangements brought the need to the forefront.

The township sold off additional sewer capacity to the FedEx developers. The capacity was part of an improvement agreement for more capacity entered into with Catasauqua Borough decades ago. The purchase offsets those long-ago incurred costs.