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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Catasauqua High School Class of 2018 awards, scholarships

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by The Press in School

The following awards and scholarships were presented at a May 30 program at Catasauqua High School.

Woman’s Club of Catasauqua: Branden Bilheimer, Madison Emery, Megan Nyce, Steven Cam Ritter

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar-Representative: Jacob Smith

Woman’s Club of Catasauqua (for highest average in English-applied): Luke Creyer

Woman’s Club of Catasauqua (for highest average in English-academic): Lucas Bloszinsky

Jim Kappes Memorial Scholarship Award: Cache Burno

Catasauqua Lions Club (most improvement in senior year): Kolika Joyner, Zackary Kanishock

Catasauqua High School Alumni Scholarships: Mitchell Phillips, Alexia Reichl

Class of 1937 Memorial Award: Chloe Andreas, Lucas Bloszinsky

Class of 1951 Memorial Award: Dede Creppy

Class of 1956 Lucille H. Lambert Memorial English/Journalism Achievement Award: Madison Emery, Jhosbel Polanco

Class of 1957 Memorial Award (outstanding seniors in the TV production class): Branden Bilheimer, Connor McCully, William Smith, Zackary Kanishock, Maria Rosario

Class of 1958 Memorial Award: Seth Chase, Gwenivere Polles

Class of 1959 Memorial Award (good attendance, good grades, involved in extracurricular and community activities): Emma Bellesfield, Tyra Brown

Class of 1961 Memorial Award: Jack Manogue

CHS Class of 1976 (involved in town government): Grant Gebhardt

Class of 1984 Memorial Award (scholar athlete accepted to a two- or four-year college): Steven Cam Ritter

Class of 2002 Award: Britney Fandl

Class of 2004 Joseph Galm Memorial Science Award: Hannah Matchette, Megan Nyce

Class of 2008 (senior in good standing who has contributed to school environment in a positive manner in sports, clubs or academics): Kyle Zimpfer, Bree Sheldon

Class of 2014 Milne/Fahringer Arts Scholarship: Brittany Applegate, Derrick Rodriguez

Al Marhefka Memorial Music Award: Kaitlyn Hoagland

The Presbyterian Church (appreciation for faithful service): Ahsaan Florence

Catasauqua Garden Club Award (active in community service): Jada Yanek

Sage Stauffer Memorial Award (male and female on the soccer team who plan to pursue additional schooling and has an interest in soccer): Madison Emery, Grant Gebhardt

Salem Pre-School Alumni Graduation Award: Megan Nyce

Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Branden Bilheimer

Catasauqua Community Partnership Award (senior who has contributed the most to community service): Mitchell Phillips

Tracy Holmes Award (in memory of Tracy, Class of 1991, to a member of field hockey and track teams with good high school attendance and good grades): Makenzie Bradley

John Phillip Sousa Concert Band Award: Jhosbel Polanco

Frank “Jive” and Janice “Nin” Snyder Memorial Award (male and female in NHS and Varsity C Club: Alexia Reichl, Steven Cam Ritter

Patti Heffner Memorial Scholarship (female student/athlete continuing her education at a college or university): Makenzie Bradley

Catasauqua Area Education Association Memorial Scholarship: Branden Bilheimer, Madison Emery

Sterling & Evelyn Hoch Memorial Basketball Award: Isaiah Graves, Makenzie Bradley

Arthur Williams Cross Country Awards: Mitchell Phillips, Bree Sheldon

Arthur Williams Business Award (furthering education in a business related field): Kaitlyn Reifinger

David Cunningham Memorial Girls Basketball Award: Makenzie Bradley

Leonard Carlton Peckitt Scholarships: Chloe Andreas, Lucas Bloszinsky

United States Marine Corps Awards (distinguished athletes): Andrew Brett, Makenzie Bradley; (scholastic excellence): Lucas Bloszinsky, Chloe Andreas; (Semper Fidelis Musical Excellence): Connor McCully, Giana Meitzler

West Point Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award (outstanding character and achievement): Bradley Panto

Deb Nothstein CAST Award Catasauqua Area Showcase Theatre: Connor McCully, Derrick Rodriguez

Mark Reccek Award (seniors going into the fields of law, politics, journalism, nursing): Tyra Brown, Cache Burno, Hannah Greenberg, Jamie Reppert

Ben Yorgi Award: No award

Gerald Case Memorial Award: Andrew Brett

Jesse Crossley Award: Corey Raysely

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award: Gwenivere Polles

National Marching Award: Morgan Wagner

Bertsch-Hokendauqua-Catasauqua Watershed Association: Makenzie Bradley

American Legion Post 215 (senior who by their interest in industry and social studies classes shows clearest understanding of the world, our government and our community): Lucas Bloszinsky, Maria Rosario

Hannah Kowaleski Memorial Award (done well in academics and extra-curriculars during his or her high school career): Andrew Brett

Regina M. Burker Memorial Scholarship (female athlete who displays qualities of leadership, citizenship and spirit of cooperation): Tyra Brown

Valley Forge Chapter-Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution: Branden Bilheimer

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution: Bree Sheldon

Mark Moser Memorial Scholarship Award: Megan Nyce

Charles “Chink” Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Award: Zackary Kanishock, Kyle Zimpfer

Officer Dennis Snell Memorial Award: Hannah Greenberg

Thomas Delong Memorial Award (outstanding senior basketball player): Isaiah Graves

James P. O’Mara Scholarship Award given by the James and Sharon (O’Mara) Maida Foundation: Shane Dolon

Walter Schlener Memorial Award: Hannah Greenberg, Miguel Hernandez

CASD Summer Work Program Award: Xavier Fryslin

Stacey Bendzlowicz Memorial Scholarship: Naj’mar Calhoun

Vincent V. Suppan Music Award: Cache Burno, Luke Girard

Barrasso Awards (in honor of Dale Buss, retired biology teacher at Lincoln Middle School, to a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education in science with a focus toward biology): Branden Bilheimer; (in memory of Vincent E. Spess to a senior who is a leader in the community): Cache Burno; (a gift from the Barrasso family to a female student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the math and/or science fields): Maria Rosario

Sports Award to honor the memory of Michael and Emma Brosky: Andrew Brett, Emma Bellesfield

Varsity “C” Club: Steven Cam Ritter, Makenzie Bradley

Earl Stengel Memorial Scholarship Award (outstanding student and football player): Jacob Becker

National School Choral Award: Branden Bilheimer

CYAA Youth Award: Emma Bellesfield, Andrew Brett, Shane Dolon

Catasauqua Booster Club Awards: Branden Bilheimer, Madison Emery

Slovak Center Social Club Scholarship: Chloe Andreas, Steven Cam Ritter

Michael H. Yaroma Memorial Integrity Scholarship (senior who has demonstrated integrity and recognizes why it is an essential life skill): Mitchell Phillips

Catasauqua Hall of Fame Award: Makenzie Bradley, Steven Cam Ritter

Robert S. Spengler and Bernadine S. Wehr Memorial Award given by Ann T. Spengler and Dale W. Wehr in honor of their children and grandchildren (two seniors planning to major in the medial field): Sage Shelly, Kyle Zimpfer

Lehigh Valley Chapter-National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete: Kyle Zimpfer

Lehigh Valley Soccer Scholar Athlete: Steven Cam Ritter, Madison Emery

2018 Colonial League Academic All-Stars Award: Steven Cam Ritter, Megan Nyce

Scholar Athlete Wrestling Award: Jack Manogue

Art Room Senior Assistant: Brittany Applegate, Kolika Joyner

Erik Hirner Memorial Fireman Scholarship Award: Zachary Bilder, Austin Gorr, Joseph Kober

Carl Kratzer Memorial Community Service Award: Bree Sheldon

Joseph Meeko Memorial Track and Soccer Awards (track, outstanding male and female sprinter): Derrick Rodriguez, Tyra Brown; (soccer, outstanding male and female defensive player): Grant Gebhardt, Madison Emery

Meeko Humanitarian Awards — Joseph John Meeko Memorial Award: Derrick Rodriguez; Mary B. Meeko Award: Jamie Reppert

Debbie Linton Memorial Track & Field Award (outstanding male and female track and field student-athlete, achievement in school, community service and volunteer work): Makenzie Bradley, Derrick Rodriguez

Donated by a Friend (senior accounting II award): Shane Dolon, Kolika Joyner

Varsity “C” Club Officers: Andrew Brett (president); Miguel Hernandez (vice president); Tyra Brown (secretary); Madison Emery (treasurer); Megan Nyce (sgt. at arms)

Student Council Officers: Lucas Bloszinsky (president); Madison Emery (vice president); Tyra Brown (secretary); Megan Nyce (treasurer); Bree Sheldon (historian)

Sons of American Legion: Austin Gorr, Kaylah Hoh, Jacob Latsch, Matthew Merkel, Gwenivere Polles

Joseph Donchez Memorial Scholarship (LCTI): Xavier Fryslin

The Whitehead Scholarship: Joeseph Prevoznik, Sage Shelly, Makena Webber, Cache Burno, Iasia Caraballo, Megan Nyce, Mitchell Phillips

Porter Lodge No. 284 Free and Accepted Masons: Iasia Caraballo, Jhosbel Polanco

Allentown Post L of the Travelers Protective Association of America Altruism Award: Shane Dolon

Rivers Edge Girl Scout Award: Carol Williams

Catasauqua Fire Department Community Service Award: Zachary Bilder, Branden Bilheimer, Austin Gorr, Joseph Kober, Connor McCully

Alva R. Davies Art Scholarship (established in 1987 by her children). She and her husband owned and operated the Davies Shoe Store in Catasauqua. She was a self-taught artist and started painting in her early sixties: James Guillen

Principal’s Award for Outstanding School Service (outstanding service to the school over these past four years): Branden Bilheimer

American Legion Youth Award: No award

Jeffrey Greb Memorial Scholarship: Xavier Fryslin

Ted LaRose Social Studies Award: Lucas Bloszinsky, Dede Creppy, Zackary Kanishock, Megan Nyce, Alexia Reichl, Maria Rosario, Bree Sheldon

Ted LaRose Debate Award: Jack Manogue, Mitchell Phillips

The Rev. Philip Miller Memorial Scholarship Award (from Dorothy Miller and the Weinhofers): Connor McCully, Destiny Cruz

Kenneth C. and Shirley J. Wotring Memorial Scholarship Fund (established in 1983). The Wotring’s were lifelong residents of Catasauqua and graduated from Catasauqua High School. He graduated from Lehigh University and was trained as an industrial engineer, owned several small businesses and found the firm of Home Sew, Inc. He was a past member of the Catasauqua School Board. Shirley was a graduate of West Chester State Teachers College and taught music in the Catasauqua Area School District. Their four children graduated from Catasauqua High School as well as two grandchildren: Shane Brader