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Thursday, March 21, 2019
PRESS PHOTO BY PAUL CMILA private alley behind Walnut Street houses is owned by the homeowners and part of their parcels. PRESS PHOTO BY PAUL CMILA private alley behind Walnut Street houses is owned by the homeowners and part of their parcels.

Council reviews street, property issues

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Resident seeks help in keeping neighborhood children out of her yard

Lester Ettl took to the podium at Catasauqua Borough Council’s meeting June 4 to discuss needed improvements along Chestnut Street.

Councilman Brian Bartholomew, acting as president for this meeting, explained that Chestnut was on the list of streets to be paved this year. Bartholomew is also chair of the public works committee.

Bartholomew and public works Supervisor Jeff MacHose prepared a list of road projects and set a priority to each. Street projects are bid and completed in order of their priority until the budget is exhausted. Chestnut Street is high on the list.

Ettl stayed on to discuss the alley behind Walnut Street. He asked that the area be cleaned up. Bartholomew pointed out that the drive is private and owned by the property owners.

According to Bartholomew, it is not even designated as a paper street, where the borough identifies land for a future street but has not put the street in.

Cindy Wise, a Front Street resident, voiced her complaint about neighborhood children taking over her yard. She asked her neighbors to be more considerate but said they have ignored the request.

According to her statement, the kids built a play fort next to her fence and started building fires. She said she was less than pleased with the response from the police department.

“I was told that I had to have the property posted with a ‘No Trespassing’ sign to keep people off my property,” she said.

The responding officer would not talk to parents in the neighboring house, Wise said. Police Chief Douglas Kish will review the information he has and take action.

Borough Engineer Ronald Gawlik updated council on pending projects.

He noted utility work started on the Race Street Bridge. The project will tie up traffic on Race Street during most of the summer.

Gawlik is reviewing land documents as part of the program to extend the biking/walking trail along the Catasauqua side of the Lehigh River. Filling in the gaps in the D&L along with conjoining access to side trails is an objective of the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

Bartholomew is keeping council aware of the stormwater problem on Main Street. The runoff is from the airport fields and is a flooding hazard to residents on the street. With the airport now on firmer financial footing, Bartholomew wants to see the problem corrected. According to Solicitor Thomas Dinkelacker, the airport is bound by the same conditions under environmental regulations as any business.

Gawlik responded to questions about the proposed parking area on the corner of Willow and Front streets. There are potential environmental issues and problems with the site. Gawlik had no plan for improving the area. With changes made to the street, parking does not seem to be a major issue in the area.

Council moved the ticketing ordinance one step closer to approval at the meeting. They will vote on the measure at council’s regular meeting in July. The vote to move forward was 3-1, with Councilwoman Jessica Kroope voting no.

According to Councilwoman Christine Weaver, the LVPC proposed a hazard mitigation plan that is released for comments. There is a meeting July 10 for those interested.