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Friday, March 22, 2019

Hanover residents frustrated by fireworks, parties

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Karen Frisch, of Chestnut Grove, addressed Hanover Township Council July 18 with her complaints about fireworks. Reading from a prepared statement, she said she wants to see the state representatives who voted in favor of the measure to be called on the carpet.

“They should not be in a position to make decisions for the welfare of the people of Pennsylvania,” she said.

According to Frisch, fireworks were set off continuously during the week of July 4.

“I heard them, and the following morning, cars in the area were covered with debris,” she said.

Frisch asked for more action from code enforcement officials.

Council President Bruce Paulus let her know that code enforcement is not able to issue citations against fireworks. Frisch wants to see more state police presence since it is a state law.

Margret Hess, Frisch’s neighbor, complained about party noise.

“There is just too much noise at these parties. Who do you call?” she asked.

It is a state police function when there is a safety issue.

“The state police want the person making the complaint to call. They don’t want the call relayed through me or the code officials,” Paulus said.

In other business, township Manager Christopher Garges wants to get the township’s website updated and easier to use. He has a company that works with municipalities to build effective sites.

“The idea is to let him build the new site, and we can keep it updated with our staff,” he said.

The cost is estimated at $9,000. The website developer will make a presentation to council.

“We want to get our forms online and a schedule for the parks. We spend a lot of time on the phone answering questions about park availability. Having the reserved dates online would help cut down on phone calls,” he said.

Garges announced the township’s latest firetruck is in service. The old unit was sold to Lower Mount Bethel. The fire chief will set up a display for council to see the new truck.

Mark Heeb, senior project manager for BL Companies, received approval for a plan to add seven loading docks to the FedEx facility at the airport. The improvements to the existing facility will increase efficiency and reduce wait times for trucks loading and unloading.

Recently, council asked for more effort from Fed- Ex to reduce the number of trucks waiting on Postal Road to be called for loading or unloading. The new docks and associated parking areas are part of the plan. Council unanimously approved the modifications.

Frisch ended the meeting with a complaint that the municipal building was not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Paulus assured her that all conditions for ADA compliance were met.

According to Frisch, access to the building is difficult because there is no way for someone in a wheelchair to ask for assistance. The township will post a number on the door that a disabled person can call to get help.