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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wegfahrt resigns from Hanover council

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

At the end of Hanover Township Council’s meeting Sept. 19, Councilman Curtis Wegfahrt resigned from his elected position. Wegfahrt sold his house in the township and is relocating outside the state.

“I am happy for the experience of serving on council and living in the township,” he said as part of his farewell remarks. “I will miss the friendships with the people on the staff and in the community.”

His resignation is effective at the end of this month. Council will call for applicants for the position.

In other action, Councilmen Wegfahrt and Robert Heimbecker expressed their continued dissatisfaction with the street repair work done by Bethlehem Water Authority when workers replaced water lines in the Sherwood neighborhood.

At the last meeting, council asked township Manager Christopher Garges to perform a detailed review of the road surface. Garges did his review and agreed the repair is not up to township standards. Heimbecker pointed out the surface macadam is not a finished topcoat. The standard used for a comparison is the finished road surface on Hoover Avenue, which is in the same general area.

Garges is going to mark the unsatisfactory road areas in yellow.

“I think you need to run a yellow mark down streets in the whole area,” Heimbecker said.

As Garges indicated in prior meetings, the road repair is done by a subcontractor under the supervision of Bethlehem Water Authority.

“Bethlehem looked at the finished job and considered it complete. They paid the subcontractor,” he said.

Council agreed the finished product did not meet the township’s published standards. Township Solicitor Loren Speziale will review options available to the township and report back to council.

Heimbecker reported he has seen a drop in water pressure since the new lines were installed. Fire Chief Robin Yoder indicated there may be a townshipwide decrease in pressure while Bethlehem works on two of the main feeds.

“They said the areas impacted have been notified,” Yoder said.

Public works Director Jeffry Mouer reported the revamped baseball field was weathering all the rainy days well.

“We have not seen any ponding or water problems,” he said.

Mouer is working with wastewater servicing companies to reduce stormwater infiltration into sewer lines. Lehigh County Authority (LCA) is under a mandate to reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the sewer lines. Reducing water that does not need to be treated reduces water rates and holds back expansion of treatment plants.

Willowbrook Road will be transferred to the state in October. Before the FedEx Ground development, the road was a township road.

Han-Le-Co Volunteer Fire Department had its latest rescue vehicle available for council members to tour.

In other administrative action, council will begin its budget meetings starting Oct. 15.

Trick-or-treat night will be 6-8 p.m. Oct. 26.