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Sunday, September 15, 2019
Rushatz 11th at Colonial meet Rushatz 11th at Colonial meet

Rushatz 11th at Colonial meet

Thursday, October 25, 2018 by Scott Pagel & Mike Haines in Sports

For Lexi Rushatz the goal was simple at last week’s Colonial League cross country meet - just get better. And that was something she was able to take away from the event as the sophomore runner took 11th place overall in the girls race with a time of 21:29.01.

“I feel pretty good. It was a pretty tough course,” Rushatz said. “I would have liked to get top-10 but from last year I have improved, so I thought I did pretty good.”

Rushatz’s goal was the top-10, but was just shy of that. However she was aiming for a time of under 21:30, which she accomplished with her 21:29.01 finish.

For the most part, Rushatz was able to stay with the leaders.

“I pretty much stayed with the top pack,” she said. “They weren’t too far in front of me.”

Northern Lehigh’s Reagan Pender won the race with a 19:57.69.

As a sophomore, this was the second time Rushatz has run the course. Last year, she placed 16th with a time over 22 minutes and her main goal was to improve this year.

Rushatz said most races this year she was able to place in the top-five and took second place a couple of times. Her top time this season was 20:14, which came at the end of the year.

“It gave me confidence,” Rushatz said of that time. “It showed me I can do it and I just had to run my race.”

Next, Rushatz will race in the District 11 meet, which took place Wednesday at Bethlehem Municipal Golf Course and came after Press deadlines.

“[Wednesday] I would love to make it to states,” Rushatz said. “I’m going to try to get top-five and move to states. I made it to states last year. This year if I make it, I’ll know kind of the experience. The course was pretty tough.”

Sabrina Kemmerer took 38th for the girls finishing in 24:04.02. Breonna Brinkley was 47th in 24:48.30 and Lucy Brubaker was 48th in 24:50.25.

On the boys side, Matthew Smith was the Roughs top finisher taking 49th in 20:07.23. Bradshaw Henning was 66th in 21:00.88 and Sebastian Henry was 67th in 21:01.77.


Team Standings

1. Southern Lehigh 43, 2. Bangor 122, 3. Saucon Valley 140, 4. Northwestern 145, 5. Moravian Academy 162, 6. Palisades 162, 7. Wilson 180, 8. Salisbury 200, 9. Notre Dame (Green Pond) 232, 10. Pen Argyl 233, 11. Northern Lehigh 249, 12. Palmerton 270, 13. Catasauqua 310.

Individual Top 5

1. Kane Alexander (SL) 16:54.93, 2. John Koons (NDGP) 16:57.88, 3. Jacob Martinez (Palm) 17:21.55, 4. Matthew Chaikowsky (SV) 17:24.20, 5. Shane Artis (Sal) 17:32.22, 6. Amy Farese (Pal) 20:45.89, 7. Natalie Morgan (SL) 20:48.06, 8. Sarah Supplee (NW) 20:48.96, 9. Molly McGorry (NW) 21:05.02, 10. Jenna Groeber (SL) 21:20.92, 11. Lexi Rushatz (CHS) 21:29.01, 12. Dorothy Curtin, Dorothy (Pal) 21:44.81, 13. Madeline Consuelos (NW) 21:53.10, 14. Allison Costa (NW) 21:56.77, 15. Lily Eyvazzadeh (MA) 22:05.08.


Team Standings

1. Northwestern 39, 2. Notre Dame (Green Pond) 85, 3. Southern Lehigh 109, 4. Palisades 111, 5. Wilson 139, 6. Saucon Valley 183, 7. Bangor 185, 8. Catasauqua 195, 9. Northern Lehigh 198, 10. Moravian Academy 199, 11. Palmerton 346, 12. Salisbury 351.

Individual Top 5

1. Reagan Pender (NL) 19:57.69, 2. Grace Medei (NDGP) 20:23.38, 3. Jillian Pote (W) 20:43.31, 4. Alyssa Zach (NW) 20:44.78, 5. Kailyn Jones (NW) 20:45.42.