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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Truck traffic a concern in North Catty

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY Special to The Press in Local News

Residents say vehicles don’t fit on small streets, don’t follow speed limit

At the Nov. 5 meeting, North Catasauqua resident Dan Snyder approached North Catasauqua Borough Council members with concerns about tractor-trailers entering the municipality.

These trucks are too large to fit down some of the small streets, he said, citing Grove and Cypress streets as examples. These tractor-trailers have made it dangerous for residents, specifically near the park where many young children spend their time, he alleged.

Another North Catasauqua resident, Julie Smisko, who resides on Howertown Road, voiced her concern about the trucks as well. She said she recently noticed a double tractor-trailer traveling over the speed limit through the borough and almost hitting a child getting onto the school bus.

Solicitor Steven Goudsouzian explained to the individuals that the board is very limited in this situation. It is a scenario that money would be spent over and over on with potentially very little improvement, he said. He added that fixing this issue is not entirely ruled out, but it will take some looking into.

Council President Peter Paone mentioned budgeting could be looked into for next year to get an engineer to perform a traffic study and hopefully purchase proper signage.

In other business, Marc Hillenbrand, resident and North Catasauqua Betterment Committee member, approached council with questions about the snowflakes being put up in town for the upcoming holiday season. Three new snowflakes have been purchased for this year. Currently, the committee pays for the snowflakes, which come pre-wired and ready to put up.

Hillenbrand asked who will cover the cost when a snowflake needs to be repaired or replaced.

President Peter Paone did not have a specific answer to this question, but it will be a discussion soon considering the snowflakes will be put up shortly.

Three grants, totaling $35,600, were awarded to council to be used for new park equipment that is up to standards as discussed earlier. The borough has until June of 2019 to spend the money. Council will be making final decisions about what equipment to install.

Hyoungjoon Park, of 1020 and 1022 Second St., has followed council’s request to provide updates on his project. A motion was made to give Park a project extension for Nov. 19. The motion was carried.