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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Front St. property owners to face citations for missed deadline

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY Special to The Press in Local News

North Catasauqua Borough Council members met Nov. 19 and discussed the property located at 1151 Front St., North Catasauqua, which has had tarps on the roofs of structures there for quite some time. These tarps are shredding and showering blue pieces of plastic around the neighborhood.

The building, a former warehouse, is used as a repair and resale site for electronic equipment.

As of July 6, the property owners were informed they had 120 days to complete a roofing project. This deadline has been missed.

An inspector will be sent to the property, and citations will be issued appropriately. Borough Solicitor Steve Goudsouzian will be sending the property owners a letter informing them they have missed their deadlines and further necessary action will be enforced.

In other business, the Chestnut Street alley that connects Sixth Street to Howertown Road is attracting large amounts of traffic. The alley is not large enough for the amount of traffic going both directions. Many individuals living in the surrounding areas have requested that something be done.

Council members talked about having a traffic study conducted before any further action is taken. Once council gets more information on cost and budgeting, it will decide the next plan of action.

A local Cub Scout pack has asked the board to meet as a part of its Webelos project. The board has agreed and will be sending them a letter in regard to their request.

President Peter Paone met with D & L representatives to discuss future plans with North Catasauqua’s section of The Link — a set of connecting trails in the Lehigh Valley. The borough applied for a grant with Northampton to help improve its section of the trail and connect the boroughs. North Catasauqua will be continuously working toward connecting its portion of the trail to the rest of The Link, Paone said.

More details regarding this project will be addressed at future meetings.

A letter has been sent to Allen Township indicating an agreement to purchase a street sweeper from the municipality. North Catasauqua and Allen Township had shared a street sweeper in the past. Allen Township is purchasing a new one and offered North Catasauqua the option to buy the original unit. The agreement — a $2,000 sale — was approved by council.

During the recent snowstorm, North Catasauqua had very few issues with the roads. Council members thanked the road crew.