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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Field hockey looks to overcome Field hockey looks to overcome

Field hockey looks to overcome

Thursday, December 6, 2018 by Jeff moeller Special to the Press in Sports

Catasauqua first –year head field hockey coach Emily Marley didn’t base her season on wins and losses.

Instead, it was adjusting to a new system in place as well as a process. The Roughies recently ended their season with an 0-18 mark.

Their campaign was marred by a series of mishaps.

“It was not exactly how I wanted it to go,” said Marley about the season. “This definitely was a rebuilding year. We had a lot of freshmen and sophomores out there.

“We had a ton of inexperience to deal with. We had a ton on injuries. At the end of the season, we didn’t have any seniors or captains on the field.

“We really had a lot of adversity to overcome.”

The Roughies lost senior Alexis Hertzog, Alyssa Proctor, and Tyzahnae Klotz to injuries and other issues. Hertzog was a Colonial League Honorable Mention choice.

But Marley is confident with the return of nine freshmen and seven sophomores back to the lineup next fall.

Among those returning will be leading scorer freshman Avery Daku along with fellow freshmen Juliza Rodriguez and Erica Cline.

“Daku did a nice job for us and stepped up her game,” said Marley. “Cline also did a nice job for us up front and Rodriguez was a phenomenal defender.

“All three of them have a lot of potential for next season.”

Marley also is excited about the likely prospect of having freshmen goalie Katie Parks and Penny Brodman back in the nets.

“It will be great to have both of them back,” she said. “They had about a 77 save percentage between the two of them. We’re looking for them to take the next step.”

Looking back, there was plenty of room for adjustment.

“For the older girls, it was a matter of them getting used to my coaching style,” said Marley. “By the end of the season, the freshmen and sophomores were able to understand things. It was nice for them to grow with me.

“We’ll have a good group back and we’re looking for improvement next season.”