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Thursday, May 23, 2019
Contributed photoUp to 1,000 scholastic archers will compete at the NASP Pennsylvania State Tournament on March 8 at Penn State’s main campus. Contributed photoUp to 1,000 scholastic archers will compete at the NASP Pennsylvania State Tournament on March 8 at Penn State’s main campus.

Scholastic archery meet set for Friday

Thursday, March 7, 2019 by Nick Hromiak Special to the Press in Sports

A huge opportunity is knocking for Pennsylvania’s student archers, say the folks from the National Archery in Schools Program.

The 2019 NASP state tournament is set to be held Friday, March 8 in State College. It’s shaping up to be the biggest student archery tournament ever in Pennsylvania, according to NASP.

Individuals and teams have all shot a qualifying score at one of the many state qualifying matches being held over the last few months. The top-scoring teams and individuals have earned an invite to the state championships.

Locally, the Swain School, Bangor School District, Schuylkill Valley High School, Cornwell Terrace Elementary School and Conrad Weiser High School are involved in the NASP program that is offered for grades 4-12 and subsidized in large part by grants.

The archery industry donates $2,900 toward the cost of the $6,000 equipment kits so schools only have to kick in $3,100. Plus, the Pennsylvania Game Commission donates $1,500 toward the program, with other funds being available to lessen the cost to schools.

NASP allows boys and girls a chance to compete at a sport that offers extracurricular physical activity and develops friendships. It builds core strengthening and physical fitness and it follows National Physical Education Standards.

Teachers or volunteers who coach and overlook the NASP program at their schools get free training and earn Act 48 credits in the process.

As for the upcoming March 8 NASP state tournament, it will be held at the Penn State’s Multi-Sport Facility that will field close to 1,000 participants. Students from more than 45 schools across Pennsylvania are expected to participate. Those who win there go on to the National NASP Tournament in Louisville and those finalists compete at the World Championships at Disney’s Wild World Of Sports in Orlando.

NASP, which started in Kentucky in 2002 and has since gained participants around the globe, came to Pennsylvania in 2005. The Game Commission began coordinating the program in 2010 and currently has expanded to 270 schools.

The tournament will have ninety-five lanes, operating at once, each with two archers. About 9,000 arrows will fly each hour. And somewhere near 46,000 arrows will be fired on the day.

Over $10,000 scholarships and prizes will be handed out to the top-performing archers in the state to help pay for continued education.

NASP helps school districts in Pennsylvania meet physical-education curriculum requirements set by the state Department of Education, and at the same time introduces students to the world of competitive archery. A sport they can carry on in later life in 3D shooting competitions and archery shooting contests.

Schools interested in starting a NASP team can contact Samantha Pedder at the PA Game Commission at 717-787-4250 ext. 3327. Or email her at