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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Catasauqua council changing street directions

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Portions of Pineapple, Linden streets will be one way; truck traffic limited

At its regular meeting May 6, Catasauqua Borough Council moved forward on a plan to change some street directions.

“We will start the procedure and will make them permanent,” Councilman Brian Mc-Kittrick said.

The changes proposed are as follows:

Pineapple Street will be one way south from School Street to Race Street.

Linden Street will be one way east from Second Street to Pineapple Street.

These changes recognize Pineapple Street is a narrow street and has difficulty handling two-way traffic. Linden Street will be one way across its length.

Other measures adopted restricted truck traffic. Truck traffic is restricted to local deliveries along the following roads: Walnut Street from Howertown Road to North 14th Street; North 14th Street to Race Street; Poplar Street from Lehigh Street to Faith Drive; and South 10th Street to Race Street.

According to Engineer Ron Gawlik, there are no existing truck restrictions in the borough. As Police Chief Douglas Kish confirmed, there are weight limits posted, but the limits are not backed by a traffic study.

“If we don’t have a traffic study to back up the sign, then any tickets are thrown out,” he said.

Existing restrictions in place during the construction of the Race Street bridge will remain in effect for 36 days. It is expected the restrictions will be renewed each month during the construction period. Gawlik is estimating completing bridge construction on Race Street in November.

As expected, council approved a sales agreement for the old municipal building. The building was sold to the housing authority for $200,000. Solicitor Thomas Dinkelacker will prepare closing documents.

Bids for bridge repairs on Walnut Street are received and under review.

Gawlik reported the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has started planning for improvements for the troubled intersection of Lehigh and Race streets. The plan calls for adding traffic controls along Race Street, sewer improvements and street widening. The planning is in its preliminary stage. Implementation is expected in June 2020.

Councilwoman Jessica Kroope questioned opening day for the municipal pool.

“We need time to paint, which will take three dry days. The weather has been against us,” she said.

The idea was to open the pool over Memorial Day weekend, but that opening might be delayed.

Nominations to the planning commission were delayed until council members had a chance to review qualifications.

Council is ready to review plans for Iron Works. Based on a preliminary plan review, Dinkelacker reported Iron Works would ultimately add $370,000 to the borough’s annual revenues.

There are plenty of caveats in that number, but it does give a general idea of the impact the project will have on the borough. The projected revenues were prepared by Taggart & Associates, the borough’s consultant.