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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

Veteran community takes to heart words of commissioner

To the Editor:

Whitehall Township was abuzz as residents recently made their way to the polls to vote for the leadership of the township. The polls weren’t the only thing abuzz — so too was my cellphone on the evening of the polls. The reason for the increase in calls and texts was due to a statement that was overheard by one of the current-sitting commissioners who is running for re-election. At the Egypt voting location, Commissioner Jeff Warren was overheard referencing mayoral candidate and active Commissioner Joe Marx’s military service to that of convicted domestic bomber Timothy McVeigh.

This statement has the veteran community, which is strong in Whitehall, talking. I, myself, am a former resident of the township, Whitehall High School alumni and Operation Iraqi Freedom War veteran and took this slanted comment to heart as the reference was done in the means to undermine Marx’s service and compare veterans to that of a domestic terrorist. Even more disappointing is this move was made during a political time, which just happens to lead up to the Memorial Day weekend.

I have worked with Warren in the past, and to hear him reference an honorable veteran’s service to Timothy McVeigh, who is someone the veteran community has disowned due to his heinous acts against innocent Americans, just goes to show Warren is certainly not the right person for the residents of Whitehall Township. His comment shows residents should not have confidence in Warren nor rely on Warren to have their best interests in mind.

If Warren thinks so lowly of fellow commissioner and honorable veteran Joe Marx, it poses the question to wonder what he truly thinks of all veterans. I am saddened to hear of this comment, as Warren was once held in high regards but has now lost all credibility and respect from this veteran. I’m sure as word continues to get around, he will continue to lose the confidence of other individuals who have served our great nation, as well as those who support the brave men and women who risk their lives for the American way of life.

Warren himself confirmed the statement that was made, in person, on the evening of May 22 outside of one of the three veteran organizations that call Whitehall Township home.

I am completely let down and upset by what was said and disappointed in Warren. I was hoping he would have made a public apology at some point during the holiday weekend; however, I have a feeling he hopes all this will blow past without facing any true repercussions for his intolerable words.

Bryan Brandmeir

Lehigh Township