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Friday, September 20, 2019

2019 primary election results

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by The Press in Local News

Following is a list of winning candidates in the primary election.

The names of the winners are bolded.

If a write-in candidate was the sole winner in a race, the race will not be mentioned here.

The Northampton County election summary report does not list the names of write-in candidates. They are listed only as “write-in.”


Four-year term

Lehigh County:

Carol A. Cunningham, Democrat, 223 votes

Lauren Cieslak, Democrat, 204 votes

Donald J. Panto II, Democrat, 194 votes

Duane Deitrich, Democrat, 189 votes

Northampton County:

Carol A. Cunningham, Democrat, 136 votes

Donald J. Panto II, Democrat, 115 votes

Lauren Cieslak, Democrat, 112 votes

Duane Deitrich, Democrat, 111 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 2 votes

Lehigh County:

Carol A. Cunningham, Republican, 161 votes

Donald J. Panto II, Republican, 154 votes

Duane Deitrich, Republican, 130 votes

Lauren Cieslak, Republican, 123 votes

Northampton County:

Donald J. Panto II, Republican, 70 votes

Carol A. Cunningham, Republican, 65 votes

Duane Deitrich, Republican, 62 votes

Lauren Cieslak, Republican, 55 votes


• Council, four-year term

Cameron Smith, Democrat, 187 votes

Brian Bartholomew, Democrat, 180 votes

Brian K. McKittrick, Democrat, write-in

Brian K. McKittrick, Republican, 137 votes

Eugene H. Schlegel, Republican, 134 votes

Jessica Kroope, Republican, 110 votes

Cameron Smith, Republican, write-in


• Judge, 10-year term

Anna-Kristie Morffi Marks, Democrat, 4,409 votes

Zachary Cohen, Democrat, 4,229 votes

Rashid Santiago, Democrat, 3,339 votes

Jared J. Hanna, Democrat, 1,820 votes

William A. Ehrlich, Democrat, 1,314 votes

Eric Dowdle, Democrat, 1,034 votes

Tom Capehart, Democrat, 991 votes

Anna-Kristie Morffi Marks, Republican, 4,046 votes

Tom Capehart, Republican, 3,632 votes

Jared J. Hanna, Republican, 2,323 votes

Zachary Cohen, Republican, 1,471 votes

William A. Ehrlich, Republican, 900 votes

Eric Dowdle, Republican, 683 votes

Rashid Santiago, Republican, 509 votes


• Council, four-term term

Michael Woolley, Democrat, 41 votes

Robert Lawlor, Republican, 32 votes

• Council, two-year term

Rick Tocci, Republican, 28 votes


• Commissioner at large, four-year term

Dan Hartzell, Democrat, 12,072 votes

Zakiya Smalls, Democrat, 10,697 votes

Dave Harrington, Democrat, 9,684 votes

Bob Elbich, Democrat, 9,344 votes

Marty Nothstein, Republican, 10,076 votes

Brad Osborne, Republican, 8,887 votes

Antonio A. Pineda, Republican, 7,470 votes

Mathias Matt Green, Republican, 7,035 votes

• Controller, four-year term

Mark Pinsley, Democrat, 13,525 votes

Glenn Eckhart, Republican, 10,814 votes

• District attorney, four-year term

Jim Moreno, Democrat, 13,433 votes

Jim Martin, Republican, 11,644 votes

• Sheriff, four-year term

Joe Hanna, Republican, 12,007 votes

• Clerk of judicial records, four-year term

Andrea Naugle, Democrat, 14,419 votes

• Coroner, four-year term

Eric D. Minnich, Democrat, 14,046 votes


Four-year term

Jessica Cope, Democrat, 124 votes

Michele J. Hazzard, Democrat, 118 votes

Joseph D. Keglovits, Democrat, 100 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 3 votes

Mark S. Gioielli, Republican, 88 votes

Write-in, Republican, 2 votes


• Court of Common Pleas judge

John M. Morganelli, Democrat, 11,957 votes

Write-In, Democrat, 85 votes

John M. Morganelli, Republican, 7,717 votes

Write-in, Republican, 32 votes

• District attorney

Terry Houck, Democrat, 9,360 votes

Nuria DiLuzio, Democrat, 4,041 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 17 votes

Tom Carroll, Republican, 7,495 votes

Write-in, Republican, 62 votes

• Controller

Tony E. Bassil, Democrat, 10,318 votes

Write-in, 14 votes

Hayden Phillips, Republican, 7,459 votes

Write-in, Republican, 17 votes

Editor’s note: The vote count was accurate as of June 7.