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Friday, January 24, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

State government should fund our schools

To the Editor:

Well, it came in the mail today, July 3. The school tax bill with its annual increase or as I see it, the annual picking of the taxpayer pockets by our public school district.

The best school district quote I found in this year’s budget process is, “We have kept all of our programs. We have kept all of our employees. We have expanded programs for students.”

It’s obvious there is never any effort to reduce costs of any kind by our public school district administration or board. That’s because they have a never-ending income source — our property taxes. And since none of us really “own” our property, you can bet the school district will take your property if you don’t pay the taxes.

Since our school district is on the “build new schools” bandwagon, you know our taxes will increase every year going forward, even though we were told that all the new commercial development (warehouses) might hold the line on tax increases. There are already discussions for a new school and administration complex on the district land at Seemsville Road.

Remember when we were told our taxes will go down and maybe eliminated when the casinos were approved? How did that work out for any property owners?

The only solution is to eliminate all local control and property taxes and fund the government schools through our state government with state taxes. The current system will eventually be unsustainable.

Stephen L. Radakovits

Allen Township