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Thursday, July 2, 2020
Paul Cmil Paul Cmil
Trudy Lynn Warner Trudy Lynn Warner


Thursday, October 31, 2019 by The Press in Local News

Two candidates, Trudy Lynn Warner and Paul Cmil, are seeking a seat for a two-year term on Catasauqua Borough Council.

We asked the candidates the following question:

What qualities do you believe voters are looking for in a council member?

Their responses follow.


Trudy Lynn Warner

As an active voter myself, I hope to exhibit the qualities I seek out when voting for my local council member. I look for someone who listens and absorbs my opinion or concerns. A person who engages in an open dialogue with me and will not repeat a standard protocol response. I expect our council members to put the best interests of the community first, especially when presented with challenging decisions. Most importantly, I expect them to be as transparent as (legally) possible. We are all working toward the same goals of a vibrant and safe community.


Paul Cmil

Catasauqua needs to get back to its caring community roots to survive. How do you do that? Churches are losing their influence but are still an important part of the solution. We need to get the Catasauqua Club moving again. I propose holding town hall meetings quarterly at borough locations.

We spend a lot of money on students in public schools. They give little back to the community. Students need to be involved in the community.

We need a plan for the long-term look of our borough. The process is started and needs local participation, not bureaucrats.