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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Council hears Second St. property update

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

North Catasauqua officials grant extension for acquiring electrical permit

North Catasauqua Borough Council heard an update on property improvements at 1020 and 1022 Second St. during a brief meeting Jan. 7.

Work on Hyoungjoon Park’s Second Street property is reportedly still in progress. Borough council continues to receive updates from Park and his lawyer, Alexander Ward. A deadline extension was requested for an electrical permit. Council members approved the request and set a Feb. 4 deadline.

Litigation on the 1020 and 1022 Second St. property began in April 2017.

Catasauqua continues opioid discussion during open forum

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

Opioids have become one of the area’s largest concerns among teens, and Catasauqua is determined to stop it from getting worse.

Preventive tips and rehabilitation options were discussed with treatment professionals, medical personnel, those in recovery, Catasauqua Area School District faculty and others during an open forum on the heroin and opioid addiction epidemic, held Sept. 27 at Catasauqua High School.

State Rep. Jeanne McNeill, D-133rd, partnered with the school district to present this town hall meeting.

Second St. property owner to pay outstanding bill

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

Update on improvements must be forwarded to borough by Dec. 17

At the North Catasauqua Borough Council meeting Dec. 3, members discussed an update on Hyoungjoon Park’s property at 1020 and 1022 Second St.

Park’s attorney, Alexander Ward, sent a letter to council’s solicitor, Steven Goudsouzian, regarding an outstanding garbage invoice. Ward was inquiring about whether Park would be responsible to pay the outstanding invoice. The borough is taking the position that Park will be responsible for payment.

Front St. property owners to face citations for missed deadline

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

North Catasauqua Borough Council members met Nov. 19 and discussed the property located at 1151 Front St., North Catasauqua, which has had tarps on the roofs of structures there for quite some time. These tarps are shredding and showering blue pieces of plastic around the neighborhood.

The building, a former warehouse, is used as a repair and resale site for electronic equipment.

As of July 6, the property owners were informed they had 120 days to complete a roofing project. This deadline has been missed.

Truck traffic a concern in North Catty

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

Residents say vehicles don’t fit on small streets, don’t follow speed limit

At the Nov. 5 meeting, North Catasauqua resident Dan Snyder approached North Catasauqua Borough Council members with concerns about tractor-trailers entering the municipality.

These trucks are too large to fit down some of the small streets, he said, citing Grove and Cypress streets as examples. These tractor-trailers have made it dangerous for residents, specifically near the park where many young children spend their time, he alleged.

Mako hosts senior expo

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

State Rep. Zach Mako, R-183rd, invited senior citizens and their families to a senior expo Sept. 14.

This free event was held at Bethany Wesleyan Church, 675 Blue Mountain Drive, Cherryville, and hosted more than 70 local, state and federal agencies and organizations directed toward the needs of senior citizens. Companies such as LANTA Bus transportation services, SeniorLIFE life insurance, Good Shepard Rehabilitation Center and more attended the expo to inform senior citizens about the services they have to offer.

N. Catty council discusses presence of dogs in borough park

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

North Catasauqua Borough Council members reviewed the most recent park ordinance rules during their Oct. 15 meeting. Discussions got heated on the subject as to whether dogs should be allowed on North Catasauqua William J. Albert Memorial Park property during regular park hours and special events.

Council member Michelle Hazzard mentioned since the park spent hundreds of dollars implementing designated dog waste areas, dogs should be allowed on park property, 701 Grove St.

North Catasauqua discusses trail system

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

Borough council expresses interest in Walk/Bike Lehigh Valley project

At the Oct. 1 meeting of North Catasauqua Borough Council, Mayor William Molchany Jr. discussed his recent attendance at a meeting for Walk/Bike Lehigh Valley.

These meetings discuss ways to ensure safer walking and biking trails throughout the Lehigh Valley. Recently, Walk/Bike Lehigh Valley has discussed plans to connect all bike trails in the Lehigh Valley.

Council President Peter Paone wants to send a letter to the group, expressing his interest in getting North Catasauqua involved with this project. Plans are due by May 2019.

Council denies extension request

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

N. Catty residents lodge complaints about condition of Second St. property

At the Sept. 17 meeting of North Catasauqua Borough Council, Hyoungjoon Park appeared with his lawyer, Alexander Ward, regarding an email he received about the condition of his property at 1020 and 1022 Second St.

Park’s property had been undergoing construction work for months. The progress seemed to have hit a standstill as of July 20. Neighbors filed complaints, and the borough is concerned the project will not be completed before the winter season hits.

N. Catty council discusses abandoned vehicles issue

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 by HANNA O’REILLY in Local News

Officials asked to consider possibility of new ordinance to allow towing

North Catasauqua Borough Council discussed the issue of abandoned vehicles on roadways at its meeting Sept. 4.

Council members agreed these vehicles are taking up parking spaces on borough streets.

Councilman Joseph T. Keglovits suggested borough officials consider the possibility of an ordinance that would allow cars to be towed after a determined amount of time.

During a discussion regarding another roadway issue, Councilman Billy Duch recommended repainting lines indicating stop signs that have faded due to street paving.