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Friday, June 5, 2020


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

Once I Was a Little Kid

Once I was a mean baby

Once I was a tiny toddler

Once I was a kindergartener

Now I am 10

Once I was a funny dancer

Once I was a crazy kid

Once I was short

Now I am kind of tall

Once I was in first grade

Once I was going to get to skip to third grade

Once I jumped out of a tree

Now I am smarter than that

Once I was scared

Once I was happy

Once I was 9

Now I am a 5th grader who is 10, soon to be 11

Tayana Salter

Age 10, Grade 5

Covenant Christian Academy


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus


He scutters around his wire rack cage,

Sticking his nose through the bars.

He says to me, "Please feed me."

I dump in a hefty scoop,

Then he says to me, "Thank you for this seedy meal."

He jumps up to his wire rack loft where I sing him a lullaby.

He takes a nap just like he should.

Awaking to a cardboard surprise,

He chews it up into some bedding,

Stuffs it into his mouth, and climbs up to his loft again.

Then he takes another nap and dreams a seedy dream.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

Good Night Couplets

A blanket of blended blue


filling the sky with its wonders

fluffy, wispy clouds forming in shapes of all kinds

creating visions that come to my mind

momentarily shielding the sun from my view

patiently waiting for the rays to break through

the beautiful blue sky starts to fade

the wisping wind lifts up my braid

golden stars shining bright

the huge moon glowing white

a warm sheet of darkness wash es over the world

it feels so soft like a quilt unfurled

I watch from my window this beautiful sight


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

As a Student

We sit behind desks

As they try to teach us

We learn

Math, Reading, and Science

Writing for hours

Seven to be exact

For One Hundred and Eighty days a year

But it's for a good cause

The teachers are just try ing to get us to where we need tobe

They care about us

They are not trying to make us feel stupid

With As, Bs, Cs, Ds, or Fs

It's just what they do as teachers

And it's what we learn …

As Students

Elizabeth Almonte

Age 13, Grade 8

Trexler Middle School

Allentown School District

Allentown Jazz Festival brings top talent to downtown

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by DEB BOYLAN in Focus

It is about to get jazzy in center-city Allentown. The inaugural Allentown Jazz Fest launches April 28 and continues through May 3. The six-day event will take place at various sites throughout the revitalized downtown district.

The Allentown Jazz Fest has been just shy of a year in the making, according to Atty. Bryan Tuk, Executive Director and CEO of Performing Arts Live, organizer of the event.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

Benefit recital

Community Music School - Lehigh Valley's Benefit Recital Series continues with a performance featuring Rebekah Graver, soprano, with Dr. Martha Schrempel, piano, 2 p.m. April 25, Rodale Community Room, Third Floor, Miller Symphony Hall, 23 N. Sixth St, Allentown. Doors open at 1 p.m.

The performance, previously scheduled for March 1, was postponed because of inclement weather.

The event is free and open to the public, but with a free-will donation requested to benefit student scholarships.

Reservations suggested: 610-435-7725


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

A Café in Harlem (an ode to Allen Ginsberg)

What thoughts I have of you tonight Allen

Ginsberg, for I strolled through Harlem

gazing upon Angel-headed hipsters

meditating on the great yellow rose in your


In my unquenchable thirst, and desperate for

the caffeination of a Beat, I entered the

brooding café for penance when the light

appeared, casting me into your reality.

What dark roasts and waking death! Whole

realities brewing in pots. Jars of individual

Buddha beans! Communes of Sangha

grinds, mouthfuls of Dharma! – and you, Mr.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by The Press in Focus

The Beast

The tips of the trees kiss my wings,

I am a graceful beast.

My talons are powerful blades of diamond.

My feathers are spun of silver.

My wings are so powerful they control the sky.

They gleam like steel.

My beak is like ice, hard and cold.

My eyes hold knowledge and speak of many things.

I can be fast and slow.

My howls stretch to every corner of the earth.

Nothing can escape my penetrating, analyzing gaze.

I manipulate the elements.

I pour my emotions on those below,

But even I have my boundaries.

Tapper creates past times in 'National Pastime' at Bucks

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 by DEB BOYLAN in Focus

"National Pastime," an original musical with music and lyrics by Albert M. Tapper and book by Tony Sportiello through April 19, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, is hoping to get called up to the big leagues, aka the bright lights of Broadway.

"I wrote the music and lyrics to the show. We started working on it a few years ago and it's played now in five different cities. We are hoping that from Bucks County we take it to Broadway," says Tapper in a phone interview.